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Dentures – Odessa, TX

Replace Any Number of Missing Teeth

Smiling man in dental chairIn most dental offices, patients with substantial tooth loss are fitted for partial or full dentures that are crafted in a dental lab that could be located thousands of miles away. Some dentists have the skill and tools to make minor adjustments to these dentures after they are received, but in other instances, dentures have to be sent back to the lab for adjustment. Traditionally, dentists made full and partial dentures and other dental prosthetics in their dental office where they could ensure quality and precise fit for their patients. At Boyles General Dentistry, Dr. Franklin Boyles has continued to offer this service to his patients for more than four decades, and now, Dr. Stephen Boyles plans to follow his father’s example completing extensive hands on training to craft dental prosthetics for his patients. This unique service makes our dental office one of the most respected in Odessa, Midland, and all of West Texas, and we pride ourselves on offering personalized dentistry services that go beyond the norm to deliver exceptional care. Contact us to find out more or to schedule your appointment today to learn more about dentures in Odessa, TX.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace a number of missing teeth along a single arch. A number of replacement teeth are set into a gum colored base that holds them in place. These dentures are precisely crafted to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles snapping into place like a puzzle piece. Metal bars or clasps are attached to healthy teeth in order to keep partials in place. Partial dentures should be removed and stored overnight, and patients should have their dentures examined during their twice a year dental checkups to ensure they maintain their shape and comfort.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace one or both complete arches of teeth. An entire row of replacement teeth is crafted to mimic the lost dental structure, and these prosthetic teeth are then attached to a gum-colored base. This base is crafted to fit snuggly against gum and jawbone structure creating suction that holds the denture in place. A well-crafted denture that is properly cared for and adjusted regularly should need very little if any denture adhesive to remain stable. Traditional dentures need to be removed, cleaned, and stored overnight in order to maintain their shape, but with proper at home care and regular maintenance in our dental office, patients are able to keep their dentures fitting well for years. For those patients interested in sturdier options, we also offer dental implant-supported partial and full dentures.

Immediate Dentures

In many cases, a patient needs a denture but doesn’t want to go without his or her teeth. In these cases patient’s teeth are extracted and dentures are immediately delivered after the extractions. This means that you  as the patient walk out of the dental office with a full set of teeth in your mouth, transforming your appearance overnight.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

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As with most other dental treatments, most patients are concerned about how much high quality dentures are going to cost. We believe that no one who has suffered tooth loss should have to go without a complete, confident smile, which is why we do what we can to keep your costs as low as possible. Would you like to know more information about the price of your dentures? The best way is to schedule an appointment with us. At this consultation, we can go over your specific case and give you an accurate estimate.

Denture FAQs

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When it comes to tooth replacement, dentures in Odessa are a tried-and-true solution. If you’re currently researching whether it’s the right option for you, you may have some important questions on your mind. Is it hard to talk with dentures? Is there anything you can’t eat with dentures? Can you kiss with dentures? Don’t worry – we are answering all of these questions and more here.

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