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Your Delta Dental Insurance Provider

Keep your smile healthy with the Metlife dental insurance dentist in Odessa.

The Boyles General Dentistry team knows how important it is for our families to take advantage of their dental insurance investments. If you’re one of the many patients who relies on Delta Dental for their insurance needs, we’re happy to provide in-network coverage to help you maximize your benefits. Contact our Odessa dentistry team today to find out more about the covered and treatments and how we can help you maximize your benefit plans.

An In-Network Provider Makes All the Difference

Many patients don’t really know the difference between choosing an in-network and out of network dentist. However, choosing a great dental office that also provides in-network coverage is key to keeping your smile healthy without breaking the bank. Your dental insurance plans will set pricing for common dentistry services that they consider to be within the average amount for any given area. An in-network dentist has agreed to charge prices for their services that fall within the average amounts as outlined by the dental insurance provider. That means if your dental benefits cover 70% of a treatment, you will need to pay for 30% of the cost out of pocket and not a penny more. Out of network providers can charge any price for treatments, but your dental insurance will still only pay 70% of their average price. That means you’ll need to pay 30% of the cost plus the difference between what the dentist charged and what your insurance deems average out of pocket. That may all seem very confusing, but the important thing to remember is that you may be paying more money for out of network treatment than you would be paying, if you chose an in-network practice.

Dental Insurance & Quality Care

Many patients believe that dental insurance companies will make it difficult for them to receive treatments that are of the highest quality. It’s true that insurance providers have notoriously been slow adopters of new treatments. For instance, braces were considered purely cosmetic treatments until the late 80s and not covered by the majority of insurance plans. Another recent adoption by dental insurance is the tooth-colored filling. Many insurance providers thought, falsely, that composite resin filling would not last as long as amalgams and did not cover treatment with tooth-colored filling materials until about a decade ago. The important thing to remember is that a good dental office will talk to you about all of your treatment options not just those that are covered by dental insurance. In most cases, you can receive partial coverage for more advanced services and pay the difference if you want to invest in a higher quality restoration.

Services Covered by Dental Insurance

Delta Dental, like other insurance plans, typically covers between 80 and 100% of the cost of preventive dentistry services, including regular checkups and teeth cleanings. The best way to ensure you’re maximizing your Delta Dental coverage is to keep up with your twice a year dental appointments. In addition to receiving the highest percentage of insurance coverage, preventive care also reduces your risk of needing the more advanced restorative dentistry treatments like fillings, dental crowns, and root canals that are covered at lower percentages by the insurance provider, typically between 50 and 80%. Keeping your smile healthy during these visits is only half the battle. We also partner with you to care for your smile the other 363 days of the year when we don’t get to see you. We’ll demonstrate proper at-home care techniques, recommend oral hygiene products, and prescribe advanced treatments as necessary to keep your smile whole and healthy.

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