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Top 3 Myths about Children’s Dentistry You Shouldn’t Believe

July 5, 2022

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parent and child learning about myths about children’s dentistry

As a new parent, you feel like you’re faking it until you make it. You seek advice from experienced parents, but unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get misinformation, either from the internet or old wives’ tales. For your child’s teeth, for example, you may have been led to believe certain myths that could actually harm them!

Here are only three common myths about children’s dentistry that can be detrimental to your little one’s oral health and their growing smile.

Myth #1: Baby Teeth Don’t Need to Be Brushed

Eventually baby teeth fall out naturally, so many adults mistakenly think they don’t really matter, but they do! Not only do they allow your young toddler and child to bite and chew new foods, but they also hold space for the permanent teeth that are forming beneath the gum tissue. Unseen, these permanent teeth line up with the primary ones, but if one comes out prematurely whether due to an injury or decay, it can throw off the alignment of the permanent teeth.

So the reality is that it’s important to keep these little chompers healthy! Brushing and flossing needs to become a part of your child’s daily routine starting when they are young—basically as soon as the teeth erupt.

Myth #2: Kids Shouldn’t Ever Chew Gum

When it comes to gum, not all brands or types are bad. Sugary bubble gum may be fun, but it contains quite a bit of sugar. Chewing it for a long time allows the sugar to remain in their mouth, encouraging bad bacteria and acids to erode their enamel.

On the other hand, there is plenty of gum available on the market that doesn’t use sugar in flavoring—even the fruity kind. In addition to containing better ingredients for teeth, this type of gum also promotes saliva production in the mouth, which rinses away plaque and bacteria. In this way, chewing sugar-free gum is beneficial for your child’s smile!

Myth #3: Only Sugar Causes Cavities

Although sugary foods and drinks are the primary culprits behind cavities, they are certainly not the only ones. Starchy foods like crackers, chips, and bread also attract cavity-causing bacteria and can lead to decay. That’s why daily brushing and flossing as well as regular visits to the dentist are essential to protect your child’s teeth!

Other myths about children’s teeth are circulating, but these are some of the most prevalent. By understanding the truth, you can make smarter decisions and encourage healthier habits in your child’s lifestyle.

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